Saturday, October 6, 2012

PC Release: Deadlight debuts on Steam October 25

Just when you thought the gaming scene has had enough zombies for one decade, Madrid-based developer Tequila Works brings you a puzzle-solving adventure game in the streets of a city overrun by "Shadows," a close relative to the zombie.

Deadlight is set to embark on Steam for PCs everywhere October 25, after somewhat mixed reviews on websites like IGN and Gamespot. Of course, we've all had our fill of brains with games like Left 4 Dead, DayZ, and indie titles such as Project Zomboid-- so what's the excitement about?

How about a nice dose of aesthetic appeal? Deadlight looks beautiful, and I'm not talking about realistic environments or gruesome zombie models. Fluid character animations, creepy ambiance, and wonderful lighting (along with a zooming system that has a good deal in common with Shadow Complex) makes Deadlight one of the prettiest zombie survival titles to come out this year.

The vivid urban environment that creates the backdrop for your story is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead's campaign "No Mercy," while the dismal color scheme almost hearkens back to Limbo. The story is told through comic book-esque sequences which portray the grizzly antagonist (who talks a bit like Solid Snake) and the other survivors he encounters on his journey.

For now, here's some gameplay footage by Gamespot from the Xbox 360 version. Tequila Works promises better graphics in the upcoming PC release:


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